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If you are in the transportation business and are looking for invoice factoring services, then you are at the right place. At SAFInancial Group, we provide hassle-free invoice and freight factoring services.

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Invoice factoring is where an outstanding invoice is sold to a factoring company in case you want money but don’t want to borrow. SAFInancial Group owns the invoice and collects it from the customer at the time of the delivery.

Most brokers or shippers take up to 90 days to make payments for deliveries, and this can affect your trucking business.

We provide funds for a small convenience fee, as opposed to the interest rate from banks or in comparison to the losses the company may experience if their customers pay in 30-90 days or more.

Our factoring services enable you to get the money in just 24 hours.

Additionally, as a reliable factoring company, we take care of the bill collection from the customer. Through this, you don’t have to wait or make follow-up calls while on the road.

The best part of factoring is that it is not a loan. Thus, it doesn’t need a strong credit score, nor does it have any complex approval process.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying!

SAFinancial Group has been a lifeline for our trucking business. From screening potential brokers, to funding our invoices within 24 hours, to top-tier customer service and communication; I know we can rely on SAFinancial for all our funding needs. I couldn't recommend them more.

Midhat H.

You couldn’t have a better partner than SAFInancial. We depend on them through every market cycle to help maintain a steady cash flow for our trucking and freight brokerage operations. Knowing they go above and beyond to keep our business running flawlessly is the reason I highly recommend them as your first choice factoring company.

Henry I, Osolase, Inc.

We have been with SAFInancial since 2017. The staff has phenomenal business and interpersonal skills. They get the job done and trustworthy, quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Safija is amazing she has guided us every step of the way as first business owners. I would recommend SAFInancial to anyone starting up a trucking company or those who have been in the business for a while.

Candice, Asante T.

SAFInancial has been taking care of my factoring needs for almost two years. They process paperwork and payments in the quickest amount of time possible. Easy to use website. Extremely helpful customer service. I highly recommend SAFInancial.

Yasmine Omazic, YazziO Logistics.

Excellence from everyone with whom I have dealt with for these past three plus years. During my first experience with Sa financial Group INC, Safija has been fabulously great. Insightful, responsive, upbeat, patient, professional. In this logistics business you need your Factoring Company to be reachable at any given time, and that you are guaranteed with SAFInancial Group INC. SAFinancial Group INC is highly recommended by me. One of their greatest attributes is honesty and integrity. Looking forward to our continuous business relationship together for more years to come.

Ken Malomboza, Chief Operating Officer Intelgrow Logistics LLC


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At SAFInancial, we offer the following:

  • Same-day funding
  • Low factoring fee
  • Collection from the customer
  • Working capital without debt
  • Client portal where you can check your brokers’ credit, collection notes, factoring reports for tax purposes, and more

Connect with us today for more information.


Connect with us today for more information.


Our Promise To You

We offer our services with complete honesty, integrity, and a commitment to your satisfaction. We don’t have any long-term contracts, monthly minimums, setup fees, or hidden fees. We also give you complete control of how the funds are used. Check out our FAQs on the factoring page.